Sunshine City “Ray’s” will brighten your day!

If you live local you have been to at least one Tampa Bay Ray’s game!  The Crowds, the drinks flowing, action on the field and Raymond (the mascot) throwing balls into the crowd.  It’s a day at the park you will never forget!

Here in Sunshine City (St. Petersburg FL) We love our Ray’s baseball!

Baseball season is here and in full swing!

Driving it home can be exciting on the diamond, but Driving yourself home from the game, not so much!

When your team is Parking the ball in the stands, it is a thrill but finding a spot in the parking lot or at a local parking garage, a nightmare!

Many of the games start during our rush hour and if  you have ever been on the highway or tried to venture down first Avenue South during a Ray’s home game, forget it, you are doomed!

Don’t let the traffic affect your game day fun!  Don’t let the stress of getting in and out of a parking location ruin your adventure!  With the options to cut out of the game early because your team isn’t playing well and have your driver take you to a bar downtown, stock the car with our favorite beverage, or just having a car, limo or bus available at your call, a Limousine service can put the fun back into your “day at the park”!

So give a reputable limousine company a call and let them “Take you out to the ball game!”

For the Ray’s Home game schedule click Here

Straz Parking Solution

In a Recent article written by the Tampa Bay Times they tell about a serious issues revolving around the traffic of the David A. Straz Center especially on Performance nights.

Will you be attending any of the events these next couple of months?

Don’t fight traffic or struggle to find a parking spot.  Take the headache of your evening and let a limousine company get you and your family or friends to and from the event safely while you enjoy the Ride and the show!

Your hired Chauffuer will drop you at the main entrance and they will fight the traffic while you make curtain call.   Then when the show is over you can have your driver pick you up and navigate you home safely while you enjoy your favorite beverages and your family or friends all the way to your front door.

See the article below by the Tampa Bay Times:

Looking for the right limousine company to rent your night out? Call All Points Limousine of Saint Petersburg to set you up for a night at the Straz!

Author– Tara Homan — All Points limousine, Inc Marketing Manager

Limo for Sporting Events

In the Tampa Bay Area we have multiple types of sporting events to choose from: Tampa Bay Lighting for the Hockey fan, Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the Football Enthusiast, St. Pete Rowdies for the Soccer/Futball Lover, and The Tampa Bay Rays for those who want a Day at the Park for some baseball.  The Tampa Bay Area also has a lot of minor league sports as well as Spring training fields.

Limos to these events aren’t just for the Rich and Famous, anyone can enjoy their favorite team and use a Limousine service to get you to and from the event.

What is the advantages of using a Limo service for these events?

  1. Pre-game at home and don’t worry about a DUI
  2. Don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot, be dropped at the main entrance.
  3. Celebrate your teams victory by having the car stocked with your favorite beverage.
  4. Main entrance pick up while someone else does the driving for you.
  5. NO risk of DUI

Book All Points Limousine for your favorite sporting event.  Choose from a Stretch, Towncar or SUV to get you there.

Written by Tara Homan – All Points Limousine Marketing Manager /Professional Chauffeur

Five ways to the Airport

Have you ever wondered or even thought about what’s the best way to get to the airport?  For some people they don’t even think about it, they just use their own personal vehicle, rent a car, use a taxi/Uber or use a Limousine Service.  In this post I would like to discuss the various ways (pros and cons) and why choosing a Professional Car Service is the best option.  I used our Local service to Tampa International Airport as an example for Pricing.

  1.  Drive Your Personal Vehicle:
    • To park your car in Long term parking.
      • TPA garage parking cost $18 per day for 7 days is $126
      • Plus you have to remember where you parked your car and find your car when you are exhausted from traveling and just want to be at home.
      • You have to allow about 30-45 minutes extra time to park your car and to get to gate to check in on top of the 2 hours TSA recommends.
      • Will your car be secure while you are gone? Will it be broken into? Will it be damaged by another car?
    •  Use Valet Parking at the airport.
      • TPA Valet parking cost $30 per day for 7 days is $210 plus gratuity
      • Although you don’t have to remember where your car is, you have to wait for the valet driver to retrieve your car when you are already exhausted from traveling and just want to be at home.
      • You can drop your car off at the curb with a trusted airport Valet service and walk right into check in.
      • Will your car be secure while you are gone? Will it be broken into? Will it be damaged by another car? It’s parked in Short term parking garage and treated as such.
  2. Cab/ Taxi service:
    • Choose your service TO the Airport, but not FROM the Airport.
      • Prices vary by cab/taxi company. Average rate is $2 for initial pick up plus $2.25 per mile after
        • Example: From TPA to Tradewinds Islands Grand Beach Resort on St. Pete Beach is 30 miles and will cost approximately $70 plus tip
      • TPA only allows certain taxi services to pick up at the airport.
      • You never know who is driving and what kind of driving history they have.
      • Taxi services do not guarantee that they will be on time or that they will even show up.
      • You do not know the conditions of the vehicle that will be picking you up.
  3. Airport Super Shuttle:
    • Only $25 per person to jump on the van with multiple passengers who are also on their way to or from the airport.
      • If there are 4 people in your party, you are paying $100 per trip.
      • Not all passengers are going to the same location.
      • Multiple stops may delay your arrival to the airport or to your final destination and put you at risk for missing your flight.
      • You maybe the last stop on the route when you are already exhausted and ready to be at home.
      • Riding with strangers can be fun but also stressful.
  4. Uber:
    • Uber has become the latest craze in shared rides; they tend to have newer cars and is the closest to a Limousine service.
      • Legal approval from the PTC is still pending for Uber to be allowed at the Airport. (as of Oct. 2016)
      • Uber drivers have Drivers license, car registration and car insurance checks but no driver is required Federal back ground checks unlike all of the other car services.
      • The driver can reject your request at curb side if they don’t want to go where you want to go.
  5. Limousine Service:
    • Many people think of Limousine as the long stretch, but Limousine is a service that no other company can provide.
      • You can choose a Towncar, SUV or Stretch to pick you up.
      • Average Airport transfer from anywhere in the Tampa Bay area will cost you about $75 (gratuity is optional)
      • You know exactly how much you will pay at time of reservation. NO SURPRISE CHARGES!
      • Some one will be at your home 10-15 minutes prior to pick up time to get you to the airport on time.
      • When working with the same Limousine Service you develop a personal relationship with your driver who has had a Federal background check, is a safe driver, and protects your personal privacy.
      • Regardless of how late your plane is delayed, the driver will be there with a friendly and familiar smile to welcome you home at no extra charge.
      • You don’t have to drive or worry about getting to your destination, you can even nap or work while in the car.

You can see that there are various options available, their benefits as well as their drawbacks, but with a Limousine service you receive full service from a friendly face that’s easy and affordable.

All Points Limousine Service of Saint Petersburg Florida has been a trusted Car Service for all transfers for almost 10 years.

Call for your airport transfer ( 727- 367-5466 ) to have our professional chauffeur pick you up!


Written by Tara Homan – All Points Limousine Marketing Manager /Professional Chauffeur