Visual Art Lovers Only….

Oil and Canvas, Clay, Marble, Acrylics, and Wood Carvings are just a few of the mediums you will explore in a Visual Arts Tour! Get your friends together for a Day with the Arts.  We have several Wonderful Art Museums in the St Petersburg area that you can enjoy a Limousine ride to and from!  Most Museums open at 10am, so you can spend a few hours at a couple of them or visit all of them for a full day trip.  Bring your favorite Champagne, wine or beer and Enjoy your day with Salvador Dali, the Chihuly Collection, Exploring History through Art or viewing the works of a new artist.

St. Petersburg has some extravagant Museums that people from all over the world travel to see.  Take a tour of St Petersburg via Limousine or Limo Bus.

Another option might be to tour the The Ringling Museum in Sarasota for the featured artists as well as a tour of the Estate.  You can also ride over the other bridge to The Tampa Arts Museum  to view the featured Art Spot and a walk by the water.

Check out a few of the St. Petersburg locations you could explore below to book a group tour:

The Dali Museum

Museum of Fine Arts

Morean Arts Center

The Chihuly Collection

Florida Craft Art Gallary

For more information about the seven Art Districts of St. Petersburg, FL click Here

To book a Limousine or Bus for your Art Tour, contact All Points Limousine

Author- Tara Homan- All Points Limos Marketing Manager

Divorce Day Celebrations!

It’s a thing….. We go All out celebrating the Marriage, but what about the Divorce?  For some it’s the happiest, most freeing Day of their lives!  Why Not Celebrate?

You can find tons of articles online about Why or why not to have a Divorce Day celebration.  Click here to read a few!

You already have the final divorce papers in hand, so make arrangements to spend the evening with your closest friends for a night on the town!  It could be called a “Reverse Bachelor(ette) party” or you own “Divorce Celebration”!  The marriage may have failed, but don’t let it destroy your life with a DUI!

Keep your group together in one vehicle.  Choose a safe and fun means of transportation by Renting a Limo or Limo Bus to take you bar hopping or to various night clubs around town!

This is your Day, and it’s All about you!  Make it a day to celebrate rather than a day of dread or regrets!

Call All Points Limousine for a limo reservation at

Author- Tara Homan — All Points Limousine Marketing Manager

“Crawl” to the Pub

St. Petersburg FL has a Growing industry that consists of water, yeast, wheat, barley and other key ingredients! “Crawl” to the Pub!

Have you ever wanted to tour these great locations? You can take a limo, a limo party bus or a mini bus to take a Brewery tour with your friends.

Book a Few hours in the evening or make it an all day event!  Rather than the typical Dinner event, make it a fun event trying these different brewery’s.  Many of these Brewery’s offer tours, call a head to make reservations for a tour.

Here’s a list (click on for Links) to many of the Brewery’s in St. Petersburg Area: Choose as many as you want within your allotted time:

To book your limo, car or bus contact All Points Limousine at to make a reservation for your Brewery tour!  Be Safe, Have fun and Don’t Drink and Drive!

Author- Tara Homan – All Points Limousine Marketing

Oh the Places you could go…..

We live in Vacation Destination USA! There are so many places you could visit in our area that you may not actually want to drive to!

Book a Limousines service to anyone of these destinations to make it a more pleasant day/weekend event. Book a Limo or bus for your small or large group for anyone of these day trip ideas.

Lego Land Resort is a New Hot Spot  in Winter Haven, FL with everything  a family would want in one location for the Lego loving family.

Maybe you want a day trip with the kids this summer  check out some of these great places:

  1. Florida Railroad Museum
  2. Dinosaur World
  3. Wicki Wachee State Park
  4. Buccaneer Bay water park
  5. Clearwater Marina
  6. Mote Marine
  7. South Florida Museum & Planetarium
  8. Big Cat Rescue
  9. Big Cat Habitat
  10. Horse Back Riding at any one of our local ranches
  11. Great Exploration Children Museum & The Sunken Gardens
  12. Museum of Science and industry
  13. Celebration Station
  14. Adventure Island

Call the office at All Points Limousine for more idea’s or to give us a suggestion for some place you would like to take a special trip in a limo or bus too!

Author – Tara Homan – Marketing Manager for All Points Limousine

School Day Surprise

It’s that time of year again! Schools ALMOST out for the Summer!  Would you like to create a special memory for your child?  Most kids love being picked up in front of all of their friends at school by a limo.

Here’s a few suggestion of how to make that happen:

  1. Have mom pick up the kids in a limo when school releases for a total surprise and take the kids for pizza or ice cream to Celebrate Summer Vacation!
  2. Have mom pick up the kids in the limo on the last day of school and take them to the Tampa Zoo or Bush Gardens. Then have your driver return you all home.  The kids can have soda  or a juice box (provided by mom) and the adults can have your favorite beverage; we’ll provide the ice!
  3. Mom and Dad can have the limo pick them and then surprise the child at the end of  the school day and take you to your favorite restaurant, skate town, chuck-e-cheese or any of your chosen locations to make the day memorable.

Looking for a quality limousine company that will be great with your child, look no further than your friends at All Points Limousine!

Every Limousine Driver at all Points Limousine must pass a Federal Background checks to insure your child’s safety as well as your own!

Author: Tara Homan- All Points Limousine Marketing Manager

Sunshine City “Ray’s” will brighten your day!

If you live local you have been to at least one Tampa Bay Ray’s game!  The Crowds, the drinks flowing, action on the field and Raymond (the mascot) throwing balls into the crowd.  It’s a day at the park you will never forget!

Here in Sunshine City (St. Petersburg FL) We love our Ray’s baseball!

Baseball season is here and in full swing!

Driving it home can be exciting on the diamond, but Driving yourself home from the game, not so much!

When your team is Parking the ball in the stands, it is a thrill but finding a spot in the parking lot or at a local parking garage, a nightmare!

Many of the games start during our rush hour and if  you have ever been on the highway or tried to venture down first Avenue South during a Ray’s home game, forget it, you are doomed!

Don’t let the traffic affect your game day fun!  Don’t let the stress of getting in and out of a parking location ruin your adventure!  With the options to cut out of the game early because your team isn’t playing well and have your driver take you to a bar downtown, stock the car with our favorite beverage, or just having a car, limo or bus available at your call, a Limousine service can put the fun back into your “day at the park”!

So give a reputable limousine company a call and let them “Take you out to the ball game!”

For the Ray’s Home game schedule click Here

Lets go “Rowdies”!!!

St Petersburg is the Proud Home of the Tampa Bay Rowdies!  We love our Professional Soccer Team!

With the stadium located downtown, It can be a challenge to find parking on a game night!

Book a Limo with a group of friends or for your family to enjoy a Rowdies game!  You’ll be dropped at the front gate and picked up at the same location.

You can enjoy your favorite beverage on the way to and from the game, or finish the evening off  with a night on the Town!

To find out when the next Rowdies home game is click HERE

Your Prince(ss)’ Chariot for Prom

She walks down the stairs with her hair, make up and sparkly dress with High heels on and you think, “Where did my little Princess go? She’s all grown up!”

He steps out of the bathroom with his tuxedo on and his hair neatly comb when you remember those days where he ran around with a cape on and think, “He’s a man now, how did that happen so fast!”

It’s Prom Night!

Do you really want a teenager driving off to prom? There is a SAFER and more fun option!

How about getting a few parents involved in splitting the cost of a limousine!  The average limousine seats 8 people comfortably.

You could also rent a Mini bus or party bus for a larger group of young men and ladies!

What about just renting an SUV or Towncar to safely take the couple to and from Prom or the after-Prom Events.

There’s so many safe and reliable options to get your Superhero or Princess to and from this special night! Many limousine companies allow you to control the stops, who’s allowed in the vehicle and what times the young men and ladies are picked up and where they are dropped off. We understand that many of them are minor’s and will not allow them to do anything illegal in our vehicles.

Contact All Points Limousine for you Prom Transportation needs. 727-367-5466

Author- Tara Homan  — March 2017

Dinner & A Limo

What Two things go together better than Dinner and a Limousine?

It doesn’t have to be a special occasions to Rent a limo to take you and a group of friends or family together to dinner, but it can be a special occasion!

Known Author and Food Critic Laura Reiley Listed 50 of the Best places to eat in the Tampa Bay area.  Click here to read her article.

The advantage of renting a limousine to chauffeur your group to dinner is you and your friends can enjoy your favorite beverages together before, during and after dinner. You don’t  have worry about the results of driving under the influence or having to designate one person to be the driver.

Make it more affordable and share the cost with a couple of friends! All Points stretch limos seat up to eight Adults comfortably so you can all arrive together.

Choose One of the Best restaurants in the Tampa Area and Let All Points Limousine take you there.

Author- Tara Homan – Marketing Manager

February 2017

Spring training in Tampa/St Petersburg, FL

It’s Here, it’s finally Here!  Spring Training in the Tampa Bay area has arrived!

Are you planning a Vacation; are you a Seasonal Visitor or resident? Or maybe you just came to the Tampa Bay area to see your favorite team?

Where else in the world can you take a walk on the Beach in the morning, See your favorite MLB team play in the afternoon and go to dinner at one of our many great restaurants at night? St. Petersburg, Florida has it all!

The only thing you’ll need to worry about is transportation.  When you arrive in our beautiful city, transportation to your Teams games doesn’t have to be an issue.  A limousine service can take you to and from the airport. You can rent a limousine service which may include a Stretch, Towncar, SUV or Bus to pick you up and take you to and from the game.  Enjoy all the beverages you want before, during and after the game while someone else drives you and your friends or family to and from the game.  You can even have limo take you to dinner after the game.

I have compiled a list of the teams for the Grapefruit League in our area with there spring training line up, see below:

Tampa Bay Rays’ Spring Training

New York Yankees’ Spring Training

Pittsburgh Pirates’ Spring Training

Philadelphia Phillies’s Spring Training

Toronto Blue Jays’ Spring Training

Detroit Tigers’ Spring Training

Baltimore Orioles’ Spring Training

Grapefruit League Spring Training

Make your day more enjoyable and have limo “Take me (you) out to the ballgame!”

Looking for a Limousine Rental Service in the St. Petersburg Area, check out All Points limousine!

Author- Tara Homan

Feb 2017

Love in a Limo

Are you looking for a special night with your love? I know it’s cliche, but she would still love to go to dinner in a Limo!  Here’s a few idea’s:

  1. Provide your limousine service with flowers, a gift and champagne ahead of time to place in the car and have her picked up at work or at home and have her dropped off wherever you want the driver to bring her; maybe for a picnic on the beach at sunset, or dinner at one of our many fine restaurants. This can be inexpensive treat for your Love.
  2. Have the limousine service pick both of you up at a mutually agreed upon location.  You can enjoy a Sunset on the beach, then go for dinner at your favorite local restaurant.
  3. Have a limousine take you and your special someone to anyone of our special events in the Tampa Bay area.  Click here for more information: Valentines Events Tampa Bay
  4. Have the Limousine pick you up at work or home and then have them pick her up at work or home, go to dinner  or a show and be returned!

Besides being Romantic taking a Limousine is a very Safe way to enjoy an evening with your Love!

Looking for a Limo Rental service in the Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg Area? Check out my favorite Limo Service: All Points Limousine of St. Petersburg, FL

Author- Tara Homan

Wrote: Feb 2017

Licensed Armed Security Officer Chauffeur

In an interview with Sid Smith on January 24, 2017, owner of All Points Limousine, I asked him why he chose to become a Licensed Armed Security officer?

In 2005 when he went to school to become a Armed Security officer he knew of no other Chauffeur in the Tampa Bay area with these credentials.  He has the highest respect for our Law Enforcement and being a home grown Floridian he knows that many VIP, celebrities and dignitaries travel to this area.

What is the Training to become an Armed Security officer?  The training is not as extensive as becoming a law enforcement officer but on a similar scale.  Training in individual areas are required.  Sid is trained not only in Firearms with the permit to open carry as well as a permit to conceal, his training includes securing an area prior to police arrival on scene if there is ever an incident.  See link below for more information:

Mr. Smith attended S2 Institute in Clearwater, Florida and has maintained his certification since receiving his original licensing in 2005.

Has Mr. Smith ever used his training in the field with a client?  His answer was “Yes”.  One evening while a client wanted to stop at an ATM a civilian aggressively approached Mr. Smith and his client.  Mr. Smith does not advertise his training, however He did show this civilian his badge and simply stated “This is not a confrontation that you would want.” The Civilian left without a quarrel or confrontation.

Having an Armed Security Officer as a chauffeur is often used for High Profile VIP clients, including Celebrities, Sports Figures, Business CEOs and other Dignitaries.  All of which Mr. Smith has chauffeured.

To Hire a Licensed Armed Security Officer from a Limousine Rental company that has an outstanding reputation, Give All Points Limousine a Text or Call at 727-367-5466

Author:  Tara Homan — All Points Limousine Marketing Manager

Have you met Bob?

Have you met Bob?

Who is Bob and why would I want to meet Bob?  Bob is the connection between you and avoiding a DUI.

Bob is the one who can put you in the back seat of a Limousine with your friends and family for a night of fun and celebration.

Bob is the one who will make sure that you make it to the kick off, puck drop or first pitch on time. Bob will also help you plan your first tailgate party.

Bob is the one who will make sure that you make it in time for the curtain call or your dinner reservation.

Bob is the one who makes sure that you have a comfortable ride home after a long day of traveling.  Bob will also make sure that someone is at the airport to pick you up when  your flight is delayed.

Bob is the one who will make sure that your birthday celebration or Bachelor party is fun and Safe.

Bob is the one who will make sure your limo is picture perfect on your wedding day.

Why do you want to meet Bob?  Bob is the man to know!!!  Every good limousine rental company has a dispatch manager who matches Chauffeurs with right client.  Every good limousine rental company has a dispatch manager who will help you plan the best event for your limo ride.

All Points Limousines of St. Petersburg FL  has a dispatch manager who just happens to be named Bob, so Bob is the man you want to meet in St. Petersburg.

Get to know Bob by contacting him today.

Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas

Looking for a Unique way to celebrate your child’s upcoming Birthday?  Use a Limousine Service to help with the process! Here’s a few fun Ideas:

  1. Have a Limo pick up your child and all of her friends after school.  Have the chauffeur drop off children at a home for the party, a special location like a skating rink, escape room or jump gym or a hair and nail salon where the parents can pick up after the party.
  2. Have a Limo pick up your kids at your house and take them to a local theme park or concert venue and return them when they are done.  This is Great for teenagers as well as younger children.
  3. Book a Limo to pick up the kids after school and drive around town with a bottle of sparkling juice to celebrate then stop for pizza or ice cream.  They can stop along the way at local land marks to get photo’s.
  4. Turn the Birthday party into a scavenger hunt. The first clue is in the limo or leads them to the limo. Be sure to provide your chauffeur with directions ahead of time to different locations so that the kids can take selfies or find specific objects  for the scavenger hunt with the final destination at the party place.
  5. Make the family dinner celebration extra special with a limousine ride to and from your choice restaurant.
  • Please note that most companies require a chaperon for children under the age of 14.

Looking for a good Limousine Rental Service in the Tampa Bay Area who will be Great with your child’s birthday celebration? All Points limousine Chauffeurs are all federally finger printed and checked for your child’s safety!  All Points Limos Dispatch manager (Bob) is able to help create an experience of a lifetime for your child.

Author- Tara Homan — All Points limousine  Marketing Manager and Chauffeur

What’s your New Years Resolution?

What’s your New Years Resolution?

We all have at least one New Years Resolution!  We have Personal resolutions, business and professional resolutions.

Perhaps your resolutions is to save more money, loose weight, travel more, spend more time with your family and loved one. All of these but helping you loose weight we can help you with in the limousine business!

Have you ever used a car service to get you to and from the Airport?  Renting a car service through a Limousine company you can save both time and money!  They say “Time is Money” So by using a limo to get you to and from the airport, you can work from your mobile devise while someone else is driving. You will be dropped curbside instead of having to find parking and locate your car after your return, plus the nightly charges to store your car in one of the long term garages.  You will also have more time with your friends and family because you will not have to arrive at the airport quite as early with a limousine service.

Have you ever used a limousine service for Dinner with your family and friends?  Rent a Limo service to pick you and your family and friends up for a night out to dinner.  You will be able to enjoy spending quality time with them; you are free to enjoy your favorite beverage and avoid the risk of getting a DUI which can cost well over $10,000 plus loss of license and put someone else life at risk or even end up in prison. It’s not worth the Risk.

Let us be a part of your New Years Resolution!

For more information about Limousine rental services in the St. Petersburg/Tampa Area contact All Points Limousine at 727-367-5466

Author- Tara Homan- All Points Limousine Marketing Manager

Straz Parking Solution

In a Recent article written by the Tampa Bay Times they tell about a serious issues revolving around the traffic of the David A. Straz Center especially on Performance nights.

Will you be attending any of the events these next couple of months?

Don’t fight traffic or struggle to find a parking spot.  Take the headache of your evening and let a limousine company get you and your family or friends to and from the event safely while you enjoy the Ride and the show!

Your hired Chauffuer will drop you at the main entrance and they will fight the traffic while you make curtain call.   Then when the show is over you can have your driver pick you up and navigate you home safely while you enjoy your favorite beverages and your family or friends all the way to your front door.

See the article below by the Tampa Bay Times:

Looking for the right limousine company to rent your night out? Call All Points Limousine of Saint Petersburg to set you up for a night at the Straz!

Author– Tara Homan — All Points limousine, Inc Marketing Manager

Make the Holiday’s Special

Why should you use a Limousine Service during the Holiday’s?

  1. FUN: Celebrate with your friends in the back of a stretch on the way to your dinner parties or other events.
  2. HOLIDAY LIGHT TOUR: Take your favorite alcoholic beverage, play your favorite holiday music and enjoy the sights of the Holiday’s while someone else takes you to all the hot spots for Christmas lights.
  3. YOUR CAR, YOUR DRIVER: When you hire a limousine service for the night, it’s your car and your driver for the night.  No waiting on a cab, paying surge pricing for a ride share programs and the driver is at your call!
  4. SAFTY: You can enjoy your friends and favorite beverage while someone else is driving.  Avoid a DUI
  5. NEW YEARS EVE:  See all of the above

It’s simple!  You want to have a fun during the holidays, you want to enjoy your favorite beverage and your friends, you want to be safe on the roads, Call a Limousine Service!

All Points Limo’s of St. Petersburg FL has been in Business since 2008 servicing the area with high quality Limousine service.

Author- Tara Homan — All Points Limousine Marketing manager and chauffeur.

Classic Holiday Performances

These are just some Holiday Performances that are Classic.  The Tampa Bay Area has many of them for your enjoyment.

Here’s some of my favorites:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

  • The Amalie Arena on Dec 18

Moscow’s the Nutcracker Ballet

  • The Straz Theater on Dec 17 & 18
  • Van Wezel on Dec 29
  • The Mahaffey Theater on Dec 26 &27

The Christmas Carol

  • Ruth Echerd Hall on Dec 18
  • Van Wezel on Dec 21

Cirque Musica Holiday

  • Amalie Arena on Dec 2

Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

  • Van Wezel on Dec 27 & 28

Limousines are the best way to get to and from these events!  Your driver will pick up and drop off  your group before and after the event!  You don’t have to worry about parking, fighting crowds  and can enjoy your favorite beverages to and from your event.

Looking for other events this holiday season? Check out these websites

Amphitheater —

Mahaffey Theater —

Palladium Theater —

David A. Starz, Jr. Center for Performing Arts —

Amalie Arena —

Ruth Echerd Hall —

Van Wezel Performing Arts —

The Players Theatre —

When needing a Limousine service call All Points Limos at 727-367-5466

Author- Tara Homan – All Points Marketing Manager & Chauffeur

Should I tip my driver?

The age old Question: Should I tip my driver?

Simple answer is: YES!!!

A Gratuity is a way of saying “thank you” for a job well done!

Uber/Lyft tell passengers that everything is included, which is great in this age where no one carries cash, but remember your Driver is providing a customer service.

Taxi/Cab service it is almost standard to tip your driver.

With some Limousine companies they tell you that everything is included, but the driver doesn’t always receive that gratuity, so it’s still nice to put some green in the hand of your driver if they served you well!

Here at All Points Limousine, we encourage you to take car of your driver if the job is well done.  They may enjoy their job, but they do this job for the money, not for a hobby!

Limo for Sporting Events

In the Tampa Bay Area we have multiple types of sporting events to choose from: Tampa Bay Lighting for the Hockey fan, Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the Football Enthusiast, St. Pete Rowdies for the Soccer/Futball Lover, and The Tampa Bay Rays for those who want a Day at the Park for some baseball.  The Tampa Bay Area also has a lot of minor league sports as well as Spring training fields.

Limos to these events aren’t just for the Rich and Famous, anyone can enjoy their favorite team and use a Limousine service to get you to and from the event.

What is the advantages of using a Limo service for these events?

  1. Pre-game at home and don’t worry about a DUI
  2. Don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot, be dropped at the main entrance.
  3. Celebrate your teams victory by having the car stocked with your favorite beverage.
  4. Main entrance pick up while someone else does the driving for you.
  5. NO risk of DUI

Book All Points Limousine for your favorite sporting event.  Choose from a Stretch, Towncar or SUV to get you there.

Written by Tara Homan – All Points Limousine Marketing Manager /Professional Chauffeur