Sunshine City “Ray’s” will brighten your day!

If you live local you have been to at least one Tampa Bay Ray’s game!  The Crowds, the drinks flowing, action on the field and Raymond (the mascot) throwing balls into the crowd.  It’s a day at the park you will never forget!

Here in Sunshine City (St. Petersburg FL) We love our Ray’s baseball!

Baseball season is here and in full swing!

Driving it home can be exciting on the diamond, but Driving yourself home from the game, not so much!

When your team is Parking the ball in the stands, it is a thrill but finding a spot in the parking lot or at a local parking garage, a nightmare!

Many of the games start during our rush hour and if  you have ever been on the highway or tried to venture down first Avenue South during a Ray’s home game, forget it, you are doomed!

Don’t let the traffic affect your game day fun!  Don’t let the stress of getting in and out of a parking location ruin your adventure!  With the options to cut out of the game early because your team isn’t playing well and have your driver take you to a bar downtown, stock the car with our favorite beverage, or just having a car, limo or bus available at your call, a Limousine service can put the fun back into your “day at the park”!

So give a reputable limousine company a call and let them “Take you out to the ball game!”

For the Ray’s Home game schedule click Here

Have you met Bob?

Have you met Bob?

Who is Bob and why would I want to meet Bob?  Bob is the connection between you and avoiding a DUI.

Bob is the one who can put you in the back seat of a Limousine with your friends and family for a night of fun and celebration.

Bob is the one who will make sure that you make it to the kick off, puck drop or first pitch on time. Bob will also help you plan your first tailgate party.

Bob is the one who will make sure that you make it in time for the curtain call or your dinner reservation.

Bob is the one who makes sure that you have a comfortable ride home after a long day of traveling.  Bob will also make sure that someone is at the airport to pick you up when  your flight is delayed.

Bob is the one who will make sure that your birthday celebration or Bachelor party is fun and Safe.

Bob is the one who will make sure your limo is picture perfect on your wedding day.

Why do you want to meet Bob?  Bob is the man to know!!!  Every good limousine rental company has a dispatch manager who matches Chauffeurs with right client.  Every good limousine rental company has a dispatch manager who will help you plan the best event for your limo ride.

All Points Limousines of St. Petersburg FL  has a dispatch manager who just happens to be named Bob, so Bob is the man you want to meet in St. Petersburg.

Get to know Bob by contacting him today.